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August 25, 2021

Ice accumulation and ground freezing pose a significant risk to artificial and natural turf surfaces and to the players on the field and pitches. With the innovations in electric field heating, also known as under pitch heating, you can save time, money, and energy by having a heating system installed under your field. You also can guarantee that your field stays ice-free and warmed for your players. This system is incredibly efficient in stopping ice accumulation and ground freezing on an athletic field. If this has piqued your interest, keep reading. We will discuss three reasons electric field heating, especially soccer field heating and a football field heating system, can increase sustainability, energy efficiency, and safety.

Traditional Plowing May Cause Damage and Pose Safety Risks

It is unfortunate but a story that you see all too often. A facility has snow removed from its natural or synthetic field to prevent ice buildup, and the equipment causes significant damage. Athletic fields cost millions of dollars to install, so removing snow the right way protects that investment. Not only does this pose a risk monetarily by causing damage to a field, but plowing is not effective at solving the problem of ice accumulation and ground freezing. It also poses a safety risk to your players. By installing soccer pitch heating or electric field heating, you prevent that from happening. Once in place, this system does the work for you. It pays for itself in energy and time efficiency and gives your players a safe, warm field.

Electric Heating = Environmentally Friendly

The green movement is worldwide. The damage that the reliance on fossil fuels has caused is evident every day in the increase in temperature worldwide and the increase in natural disasters directly linked to that. Snow plowing uses a large amount of fuel and releases emissions into the atmosphere that contributes to this problem. Many cities require an inventory of these emissions to be documented because of these environmental effects. An electric field heating system is emission-free and incredibly environmentally friendly. This is an energy-efficient and sustainable way to choose to prevent ice accumulation and ground freezing. It is safer for the environment and for your players as no harsh chemicals are used on the field to induce ice prevention or melting.

One Investment, Multiple Payoffs

A football field heating system or soccer field heating may be an upfront investment. In the long run, it not only pays for itself but will save money. Being fully automated, the system does the work for you. So there is no requirement for a plow or operator. The field can be kept ice-free and without ground freezing. This allows players more time to practice and a softer, more playable field come game time. If these reasons have you convinced, then it’s time you looked into this option further. Having a system installed by a reputable company with great customer reviews like Alecs Field Heating Systems can be a worthwhile investment you wish you made much sooner!


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