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August 31, 2021

If you are a sports fan, you know that games are not cancelled, and seasons do not come to a crashing halt because of a little cold weather and snow or ice. There are fields and pitches in domed arenas, but many are open to the weather conditions. This leads to exciting snow-filled games. It can also cause a substantial risk to players on the field. No one wants to see a player injured on a field that is snow or ice-covered. Luckily, undersoil heating or sports field heating has been implemented in many stadiums worldwide. Below we will talk about what undersoil heating is and why it is a worthwhile investment for any athletic field, not just for professionals.

What Is Undersoil Heating?

Undersoil heating is an electric system in which approximately 500 electrical ribbons in a grid pattern create heat produced by thermal radiation that spreads through the soil and warms the field as it rises. This heat melts existing accumulation, but its primary goal is to prevent ice accumulation and ground freezing that can cause an injury risk to players. An electrical cabinet powers this electrical grid and we place it outside of the pitch or field. Moreover, its temperature is automatically or manually set and controlled by a thermostat via software on almost any device. Suitable for natural or artificial grass, a football field heating system or is sustainable and energy-efficient. This heating is a great way to keep the field in playable condition no matter the weather.

The NFL &  Football Field Heating System

The NFL is not a new adopter of the undersoil heating movement. Many stadiums in the league, especially those in cold climates, hopped on this when they realized it helped prolong seasons, saved money on plowing and prevented ice accumulation and ground freezing. This allowed their players a safe playing surface. Three of the most well-known stadiums with sports field heating are:

  1. Arrowhead Field – Home of the Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Lambeau Field – Home of the Green Bay Packers
  3. Lincoln Financial Field – Home of the Philadelphia Eagles

These are just three of the many who have adopted this technology. They use it to keep fields in tip-top condition and their players safe and toasty.

Soccer Pitches & Underpitch Heating

In the English Premier League, most pitches now have heating under their fields. Located in areas notorious for canceled or postponed matches due to inclement weather, this made perfect sense. This heating allows matches to take place without delay and ensures the safety of the players. Ice accumulation and ground freezing are a real danger to soccer players. The following three stadiums are some of the many with an installed system:

  1. Anfield Stadium – Home of Liverpool F.C.
  2. Etihad Stadium – Home of Manchester City F.C.
  3. Emirates Stadium – Home of Arsenal F.C.

Football and soccer pitches in the professional leagues know the importance of preventing ice accumulation and ground freezing. In fact, They need this to maintain the integrity of the field and to safeguard their players. This technology is not reserved for the pros only. A company like Alec’s Field Heating system can help ensure your athletic field allows you to follow their motto “Let’s Play Ball All Year!” They are worth checking out!


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