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December 23, 2021

When football fields or soccer pitches take on renovations, they are not your average homeowner taking on renovations that cost thousands of dollars. These are renovations that cost millions or billions of dollars. One of the most common projects during renovations at these stadiums is undersoil heating. Adding soccer pitch heating or football field heating systems to a stadium increases the value of the arena. It also reduces the risk to players due to frozen ground or accumulated ice. As any sports fan knows, the health of players is the most important thing. If you are interested in how adding underpitch heating to your field can dramatically improve the quality of the field, and the safety of players versus conventional methods of snow or ice clearing, keep reading.

Exactly What is Electric Field Heating?

This type of heating is a system of approximately 500 electrical ribbons. They are placed in a grid pattern to create heat through thermal radiation. The heat spreads through the soil and warms the field. It melts existing accumulation, but the main goal is to prevent ice accumulation and ground freezing that can cause injuries to players. It is powered through an electrical cabinet outside of the pitch or field. The temperature is automatically or manually set and controlled via software. It is suitable for natural or artificial grass. Football field heating systems or underpitch heating are sustainable and energy-efficient. You can keep the field in playable condition no matter the weather.

Benefits of Sports Field Heating

As mentioned above, the main goal of these systems is to prevent ground freezing and ice accumulation that cannot be achieved with regular snow removal methods such as plowing. There are many additional benefits to this technology. A few of these include:

  1. Fewer maintenance costs – The system runs itself, so there is no need to hire a plowing crew.
  2. Natural grass recovery – After heavy usage, a natural grass field will recover faster than one without a heating system under it.
  3. Affordability – There is the initial investment, but the system pays for itself in savings quickly.
  4. Environmentally friendly – Fewer chemicals for ice melting or fossil fuels used for plowing.
  5. Financial risk lessened – With games not canceled due to inadequate field conditions, less money is lost.

These are just a few of the many benefits, but you can see from these that investment into this kind of system can only have positive effects on your field or pitch.

Not Just For Professional Fields

Soccer pitch heating is not just for the professional sports leagues. It can benefit all levels of sports. There are companies like Alec’s Field Heating that cater to all levels of sports and both synthetic and natural turf. Their site is a wealth of information about the system, install process, and why it is a worthwhile investment. If the benefits you read above have sold you and you want to prevent ice accumulation and ground freezing that can lead to player injury, I highly recommend you visit their website.



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