Energy EfficiencyWhich Climates Benefit from Electric Field Heating

May 20, 2021

Field heating ElectricWhich Climates Benefit from Electric Field Heating

Electric field heating is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to make sure your sports field or tennis court is game-day-ready all year long. If you’ve been to a field that already has a system installed or you’ve read about them in sports news, you might be wondering if it would be wise to get a heating system installed for your field.

As professionals in the business, Alecs Field Heating knows what signs to look out for to determine whether or not your field could benefit from a heating system based on the climate in your location.

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Frequent Freezing

If your field is in a climate that often experiences temperatures below freezing, installing a heating system would be a wise choice. If you have a natural grass, the freezing temperatures can kill your grass and cause the ground to become rigid. The dead grass can ruin the appeal of your field, and the frozen ground can cause players to suffer more severe injuries when they hit the hard surface. A heating system ensures that the soil doesn’t freeze, and the heat of the cables also simulates growth temperatures that keep your grass healthy. With artificial turf, the freezing temperatures can cause it to lose its elasticity and become rigid, which doesn’t provide any give or cushion when athletes hit the ground.

Heavy Snow

If you’ve ever had to hire a snowplow to remove the snow from your field, a heating system can get the job done much quicker and even prevent it from accumulating. Snow can disrupt a game or have it canceled altogether, but with a heating system, the snow doesn’t have the opportunity to stick to the ground. If the heating system was turned off during a major snowfall, it can be activated from your smartphone in an instant and will make quick work of melting the snow before a big game or practice.

Freezing Rain

A climate with frequent freezing rain can render your field unplayable. A sheet of ice on your field can be challenging to plow and can take forever to melt if the temperatures stay cold. A heated field can prevent the sheet of ice entirely or melt it away completely as if it never happened.

If you’re in a warmer climate, you likely won’t need to invest in electric field heating. However, if you’re in an area that does experience multiple seasons and harsh winters, it would be in your best interest to install an electric field heating system beneath your field or court to ensure that the terrain is playable every day of the year.


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