Energy EfficiencyWhy Use Electric Field Heating?

May 20, 2021

electricfield-heating-noplowWhy Use Electric Field Heating?

When it comes to sports, dangerous field conditions can cause a variety of issues. If the field is covered in ice and snow, the players are at risk of getting seriously injured and cannot perform to the best of their abilities.

If the game is canceled due to field conditions, it can cause tremendous financial strain on the stadium or club owner. There is also the risk of upsetting fans and creating a domino effect of scheduling conflicts.

Alecs Field Heating recognized that there was a need for efficient and cost-effective terrain heating so that tennis courts, soccer fields, and football fields could be playable all year, no matter the weather.

If you’ve been looking at heating systems or considering a dome for your field or court, here’s why you should consider electric field heating.

It’s Cost-Effective and Efficient

Electric field heating saves your business time and money.

Time: you’ll never have to pay someone hours of labor to plow the entire field again. Electric heating can prevent snow from sticking and it can effectively melt any that has already accumulated.

The instant heat from the electric cables offers the fastest melting times compared to water-based systems that take time to heat the water and distribute it across the field.

Money: electric heating is the most affordable option on the market to keep your field game-day ready. Underground piping systems that heat your field using warmed water require far more energy to heat the water, higher install costs, constant purchases of antifreeze, and the cost of oil or gas to power them.

Electric heating is more affordable to install, operate, and maintain. These systems are optimized for efficiency using intelligent software that ensures no energy is wasted to heat your field.

It’s User Friendly

With electronic field heating, you won’t need to hire an engineer or a professional to operate the system for you. These systems are user-friendly and can be activated and controlled through smartphones, PCs, tablets, or laptops.

It Eliminates Stress

You’ll never have to worry about last-minute cancellations due to storms, players getting injured from the ice, or receiving any fines for your field not being in playable condition.

You won’t need to worry about your impact on the environment as electric field heating has no emissions and operates using sustainably generated electric power.

Electronic field heating eliminates stress while providing a user-friendly and affordable way to take care of your field. Fill out our contact form online to receive a real-time quote.


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