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November 26, 2021

No one wants an interruption in their favourite sport, but weather conditions can be very tricky, especially in winter. Electric field heating systems can save on cost and ensure game play all year round, while keeping players safe.

The icy sports field can be hazardous for players and definitely a problem for the overall game. Often games are postponed until weather conditions improve. Therefore, it’s the decision of many sports clubs and sports field owners to take measures to cope with such hazardous weather conditions.

football-field-heating-winterField Heating Systems and Their Importance

Field heating system, also known as under-soil heating systems were developed to heat the underside of sports fields/pitches. This method is designed to be prepared for weather conditions and circumstances such as snow and ice. Snow and ice can accumulate on sports fields and can interrupt sports games of all types, from football, soccer, rugby, tennis, and more! Field heating solutions are specially designed for grassy or turf fields. The heated system under the ground melts ice above, and the pitch is significantly improved and much safer than alternative methods of clearing ice and snow from weather conditions. Ice on sports fields can be dangerous for players as they can slip and become injured due to weather conditions. When it comes to player safety and performance field heating is essential. Defrosting pitch systems provide a considerable amount of heat to the field while maintaining generally low power consumption.

Electric Field Heating

Electric field heating solutions summaries a process where heat energy is produced in the ground with the help of electric energy. It is a very useful solution to prevent the effects of frost and snow in winter during sports games and practices. Using electrical power, the stadium grass or turf field is heated, yielding safer playing conditions for players. The primary reason to use electric field heating is that it is simple and hassle-free as compared to other solutions. The other solutions require more mechanical equipment and they have higher risk of malfunction. Electric field heating systems consist of electric heating cables, electronic thermostat and accessories for installation. There are sensors attached with digital thermostat to achieve optimal results using minimum amount of energy.

Top 3 Coldest Cities and Their Sports Team using Field Heating Systems

Wondering what sports clubs did before undersoil heating systems were developed? Football was gaining popularity and people were taking more interest in the game. The clubs started selling tickets to the spectators to watch the match. But in cold winter seasons, it was often not possible to carry out games or practices on frozen grounds. Therefore, sports clubs had to postpone games in winter seasons. This caused a great deal of monetary loss and further disappointment to spectators and players alike. So sports clubs started finding ways to keep the frost away from fields in winter. In 1970s undersoil heating system was introduced, but the methods were far different, more costly, and less energy efficient than today. Later, electrical field heating systems came into existence, which seemed a perfect solution, and is still used in stadiums to this day.

Here are 3 of the coldest Cities which are implementing field heating systems for uninterrupted sport activities.

Cities near the frozen Tundra such as Green Bay are freezing cold. Hence in winter, the lands also freeze in these cities. The Green Bay Lambeau Field is very green and wide. In winter, this field can turn into ice, but thanks to the hydronic radiant heating system which helps to warm the football field up many sports games go uninterrupted. Fields in the North America use this radiant heating system to keep stadiums running and to keep players safe. The Green Bay Lambeau field was the first stadium to use this type of heating system to fight the chilly winter of Winscon. Many football stadiums in clod regions use the field heating system. They set the temperature according to the needs of the weather of the region.

Stamford Bridge Chelsea uses the DESSO reinforcement system. In this system, six and seven tonnes of plastic propylene fibre are stitched into the pitch. These plastic fibres consist of only three percent of the whole pitch. The fibres are wrapped by the roots of the plants and hence give a support to the surface. Other grounds like Old Trafford, Emirates and Wembley stadium also use DESSO heating system.

Goodison Park was the first stadium in the world which was specially built to install electrical field systems. The goodison turf was lifted up and an electric wire of about twenty miles was laid down (which is around thirty kilometres). Aside from the high cost, after the system was laid down, more problems came forward. The drainage system could not handle the level of water accumulated by melted ice. A new drainage system had to be installed in 1960.

Benefits of Using Electric Field Heating Systems

There are many advantages of using heating systems in sports fields. Heating systems prevent the players from the adverse effects of stone cold ground. If the pitches remain covered with ice and snow, they essentially become useless as all matches would be postponed. However undersoil heating systems protect the fields and players alike. It helps clubs earn money from games even in winter, and helps sports fans continue to enjoy games all year round.

Electrical heating systems are cost saving. They are significantly cheaper than other heating systems. Additionally, the grass in the fields becomes naturally healthy due to the warmness of the ground. Heating systems save the sport fields from adversity of icy and snowy weather. All these benefits of the undersoil heating systems make them useful and growingly popular. Countries all over the world who have chilly winter are adopting undersoil heating systems to keep the activities going all year. Otherwise, they would remain behind in the race from the other countries which do not face icy weather problems.

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