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October 18, 2021

Electric under-soil heating is a method used in outdoor sports fields and facilities to distribute heat beneath a field or pitch to disperse elements of bad weather, such as snow and ice, from building up. This process involves the installation of an electrical grid beneath the playing surface and is powered by a nearby electrical box. The sub-surface cables distribute heat evenly, warming the playing surface, with the temperature is easily controlled by a tablet, PC, or laptop. This method of under pitch field heating is highly effective.

An underground electric heating system is extremely versatile. Virtually any outdoor field that is subjected to snow and ice is a candidate for this type of system. The sub-surface electric grid can be installed under both natural and artificial turf playing surfaces, and even stone, gravel, and asphalt. So those outdoor football fields, soccer pitches, and even tennis courts in cold-weather climates don’t have to be closed, and games and matches don’t need to be cancelled. The same applies to any kind of sport or activity that utilizes outdoor fields, such as rugby, lacrosse, or outdoor field hockey, to name just a few. This is significant, as the potential for lost revenue is eliminated by the fields and playing surfaces always being available.

For sports facilities looking for a cost-effective means to keep their outdoor fields operating year-round, an underground electric heating system provides both a safe and economical solution. Facilities can avoid the cost of plowing surfaces as well as avoid potential damage. And in terms of underground options, electric heating costs less to maintain than traditional water pipe heating methods, which need to run 24/7 to remain operational, which leads to significant gas and power expenditures. An added benefit is the fact that this type of system is also more energy-efficient because it is an emission- and chemical-free solution.

An additional priority is player safety, and underground electric field heating systems are an effective way to maintain the integrity of playing surfaces to reduce the chance of injury. Snow and ice that has accumulated on a surface is can lead to significant injury, as can damage to turf caused by plowing. This system provides a dependable playing surface, eliminating potential hazards that often come from inclement weather conditions.


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